A big fan of burgers? Top 5 hamburgers in UK!

1.Lucky Chip


The Cheeseburger at the Lucky Chip is what a cheeseburger was meant to be. Perfectly charred beef that is hot off a griddle with gooey cheese melted on top. Add in some shredded lettuce, crinkle cut pickles, and a bun that gives a perfect texture to each bite. It’s hard to think such a basic combination would be one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, but this one redefines a cheeseburger. Top quality ingredients and perfect timing by the cooks make each one of these a mastery of burger science. A word of caution that Sebright Arms or the other Lucky Chip locations can be a bit difficult to find, however they are well worth the effort.

31-35 Coate St London – Sebright Arms
Greater London, Greater London

2.Patty & BunPhoto credit: Paul Winch-Furness


The BEST BURGER IN THE WORLD is the Ari Gold at Patty & Bun. Yes, this burger is it. The Ari Gold features a perfectly cooked beef patty, gooey melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B housemade mayo, and a brioche bun. Don’t forget to throw on some tasty bacon to add that last bit of flavor heaven. The Ari is a melt in your mouth juicy, cheesy, salty, and tender masterpiece. The pillowy bun seems to melt with each bite and the ratio of the ingredients creates a perfect texture where none of them overpower the burger, while all of them contribute to the flavor profile. The ingredients are well thought out, portioned appropriately, and are high quality.

54 James St
London, Greater London

3.Meat Market 


They are famous for a few burgers, but the Dead Hippie burger is I am going to recommend that has helped to put them on the map. The Dead Hippie is two very juicy beef patties, a soft bun, dead hippie sauce, pickles, and minced white onion. The Dead Hippie’s ingredients all melt together into a perfect combination. Each bite has a perfect distribution of flavor and ingredients. The stand out ingredients are the dead hippie sauce, the medium-rare beef, and the soft and tender bun. The creamy texture, soft bun, flavorful sauce, tangy pickles, melted cheese, and are executed perfectly .

While the burger is very messy, it is still manageable in size. Due to the size of the patties, putting two of them on top of each other with another slice of cheese is not overwhelming. Given the price of this burger, and the speed it came out of the kitchen, this is definitely one of the best places to satisfy a sudden burger craving.

The Deck, Jubliee Market Hall Tavistock Street
London, Greater London

4.Mother Flipper


The preparation at Mother Flipper is done right in front of you. A three-man crew consisting of a full-time assembler, full time flipper, and a bun toaster cranks out these tasty delights. I got the Candy Bacon Burger which consists of a tender sesame bun, candied bacon, juicy beef, shredded lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and thinly sliced red onion. Each of the ingredients on the Candy Bacon Burger are well thought out for flavor. A sweet and crispy bacon, tender and juicy beef, vinegary and tangy ketchup + mustard + pickles, melted cheese, and a toasted but soft bun to soak it all up. My burger disappeared before I had a chance to write too many notes about it. That is a good sign when it comes time to dish out a score.

The Candy Bacon Burger is something to be admired for its well distributed and thought out flavors. A smart decision not to use a tomato really helps the texture, and makes this burger very focused on key flavors. Every ingredient contributes, but none overwhelm. Compared to the other top burgers my mouth felt a little dry, but this might be because I did not have a drink at my disposal while enjoying it. This is one of the best burgers in London and there is no doubt about it. A shame that it is not easier to get these burgers more than one day a week.

Brockley Market, SE4
London, Greater London

5.Burger Bear


Burger Bear makes some of the best burgers in London. Burger Bear features preparation and flavors thought up by a burger genius. High quality beef, melted cheese, pillowy buns, and bacon jam = melt in your mouth burger win. The passion held by Tom and his team make each burger a masterpiece for your consumption. Be sure to check their website for their location.

Nunhead Green
London SE15 3QQ



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