Feed your imagination!

Hi there,

I am gonna close this blog.

It’s been a great experience to be with you for 3 months.

Sharing interesting things with people is the aim for me.

However, at very beginning, I did not believe I could appreciate a greasy, tasteless, unhealthy…burger. Don’t even mention I could make others like this blog.

Now, I have visitors from more than 20 countries, some followers and few comments, which I did not expect. I am really grateful for encouragement that all you give. I hope you enjoy my imagination about burgers.

At the end, I wish you a life filled with the same love, encouragement and joy that you give me. I can’t wait to see the reunion day for us.

The following is the collection of graphic designer, Paul Fuentes, who enjoys staging everyday objects into surreal and colorful compositions creating pop mashups.

Looking forward to the blossom of your imagination:).

Have a good day.



ballonbunchocolate burgerdumnutfoloreo


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